KAISHENG CONCEPTS has the desire and passion to provide new and innovative solutions event marketing for corporations, smes, non profit organizations, government bodies and school. With strong support from a reliable and experience company which has over 30 years of track record in the gaming industry, our ready and wide resources of logistics, gaming and lighting equipments will provide your organization with the opportunity to stand out and be applauded for interesting and creative presentations.

Be rest assured: KAISHENG CONCEPTS will provide you with quality that will be envy of others!

Our Vision

To be the leading agency in Singapore using game machines to support and promote our client's marketing edge

Our Mission

• We remain respectful of the public and the clients we partner with
• We remain humble to continually being open to new ventures
• We seek to be responsible to ensure quality service at all times
• We seek to be courteous to all our clients
• We strive to be swift in providing the necessary assistance
• We strive to be honest in all our undertakings with the public and our clients
• We remain innovative in keeping the industry relevant to the times and needs of our clients